Words – A poem for people who can’t think of any

How could you ever have thought of a thing,
if there wasn’t a word to describe it?
It’s on the tip of your tongue, but the word never comes.
You can try, but you’ll never find it!

Maybe the word just hasn’t been made,
or perhaps it was lost and forgotten.
It could even be stuck with the wrong kind of thing,
feeling useless and bored and just rotten!

Well what can be done if you think of a thing,
but you struggle to find a good word?
Just think! Think of a word with no thing,
and shout it! It needs to be heard!

All of the best words are made up, you know,
like ‘bicycle’, ‘spoon’ and ‘tomato’.
Shakespeare himself invented the ‘bump’,
‘excitement’ and ‘moonbeam’ and ‘elbow’ (as a verb)

So if you think of a thing that hasn’t been thought,
And it hasn’t a name, don’t be scared!
Just think of the silliest, stupidest sound,
and hey! You’ve just invented a word!

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