Avaaz – ACTA – Time to Win!

ACTA and its proponents may be on the back foot, but we shouldn’t give up the fight to ensure that our freedoms remain intact. I received an e-mail today with a call to sign another Avaaz.org petition. I’m normally skeptical of online petitions in general, but it can’t hurt things to lend your voice! Click […]

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Mullaperiyar Dam

Walking through town yesterday I came across a small demonstration, outside what is known locally as ‘the bombed out church‘, about the Mullaperiyar Dam in India. According to the demonstrators, if this dam is allowed to fail, then 3.5 million people could be dead in less than 3 hours The dam, built by the British in […]

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ACTA referred to European Court of Justice

It was announced today that the EU has suspended ratification of ACTA and has referred the agreement to the European Court of Justice. This is an incredibly welcome action and should help to put the minds of those of us who object to ACTA at some ease. This does not mean that ACTA has gone […]

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