ACTA referred to European Court of Justice

It was announced today that the EU has suspended ratification of ACTA and has referred the agreement to the European Court of Justice. This is an incredibly welcome action and should help to put the minds of those of us who object to ACTA at some ease.

This does not mean that ACTA has gone away forever. All it means is that there is enough concern within the EU about the ramifications of the agreement that it has been referred to the EU’s top court for a ruling. This could potentially take months or even years – although it’s my gut feeling that we’ll be hearing about ACTA again sooner rather than later, given the huge benefits and unprecedented powers it would provide to those who were pushing for it in the first place.

Even with the above in mind, we should celebrate this victory and do whatever we can to assert our rights to freedom of speech and expression in whatever ways we can. Until the people who dream up horrendous ideas like ACTA, SOPA, and PIPA realise that there are enough people out there paying attention, these attacks will continue. There’s also the possibility that once the fuss has died down, ACTA will once again rear it’s ugly head and slip by unnoticed. We can’t take that chance, and should keep the pressure on our politicians to make sure that our concerns are considered and addressed.